This Gorgeous Coffee Carafe Makes DIY Cold Brew Feel Extra Fancy (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

published May 10, 2022
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Pouring a glass of cold brew coffee
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Here at Kitchn, we are big fans of our beloved cold brew. Once the temperatures start to rise, we happily ditch the drip and embrace refreshing, ice-cold coffee. Now, we’ve done our fair share of researching and testing various cold brew gadgets, coffee makers, and ready-to-drink cold brew brands, but we never cease to get excited when we spot a sleek new tool to up our DIY cold brew coffee game. One gadget we have our eye on this spring (and into summer): the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Wine Bottle.

As an avid cold brew lover myself, I’ve tried out at least a few different cold brew coffee makers at home to see what works best for my taste and, perhaps even more importantly, my kitchen space limitations. In the past, I’ve tested some cumbersome, clunky models that just take up too much space or, worst of all, don’t even fit in my cramped fridge. So, when I spotted this Hario Cold Brew Coffee Wine Bottle that is (as the name implies) the same size and shape of a 700-mL. wine bottle… well, let’s just say I was into it.

You may recognize this Japanese brand from some of their other funky, highly-rated coffee and tea gear, (this gooseneck kettle, for example, is a constant bestseller on Amazon). This wine bottle-style carafe is designed specifically to fit smaller spaces and kitchen setups, as it brews five cups of cold brew and can be very easily stored in the fridge. With a slim, lightweight, compact design, this is the perfect tool for making cold brew at home without hogging precious fridge or countertop space. Plus, look how cool it looks! It would look as gorgeous sitting atop your home bar as it looks chilling on the shelf in your fridge or alongside your al fresco picnic setup.

But don’t just take my word for it! Over 1,500 enthusiastic Amazon reviewers are also obsessed with this thing. As one reviewer wrote, “With this little device… I’ve never enjoyed iced coffee more. It retains that level of control over the brewing process that pour-overs provide, but is way less involved — pushing your prep from morning to the day before, and making things a bit easier.”

And it really is that easy. Just simply add coffee grounds into the strainer, add cold water to the fill line in the carafe, set the lid, and gently shake the bottle to start the extraction. In eight hours, you’ll have delicious cold brew ready to greet you in the morning. Oh yeah, and I should mention that this little beauty also happens to be on sale for 20 percent off right now. Umm… espresso martinis, anyone?!

Buy: Hario Cold Brew Coffee Wine Bottle, $25.35 (normally $31.50)