Haribo Candy Bags Have a Not-So-Secret Feature That Everyone Is Just Finding Out About, and People Are Losing It

published May 30, 2024
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Los Angeles, California, United States - 02-01-2023: A view of several shelves dedicated to a variety of Haribo candies, on display at a local grocery store.
Credit: The Image Party / Shutterstock

Just when you think you know how to do life’s most simple tasks, you get re-educated the moment you start scrolling on social media. Like, earlier this month when a creator showed us how to hack plastic spice jars by twisting the perforated cap as if it was a pepper mill, instead of shaking the jar vigorously. Or last year when another creator (literally) pulled back the lid on the built-in shakers hidden in the lids of Morton’s table salt containers. 

In today’s edition of Today I Learned on Social Media: How to open and seal a package of Haribo gummy bears

A recent Instagram video from @majormumhacks shows a creator opening a bag of Haribo gummy bears in a truly game-changing way. Instead of squeezing the sides to open the bag along the seams or ripping off a corner of the bag, the mom of four peels the little tab by the hole that’s meant to hang and display bags of candy at grocery stores, and then uses it to close the bag, too. 

The magic is in the tab itself — which we didn’t even know was A Thing. The tab runs the length of the Haribo bag, so once you’re ready to store the leftover candy you just roll up the bag and then wrap the tab around it as if it were a piece of string or twine. 

This trick sounds so simple, and yet it’s so mind-blowingly ingenious. It’s a smart way to cut down on candy spills if you have young kids, or if you’re just out of rubber bands. Plus, the uneaten candy will stay fresh longer than if you didn’t seal up the bag.  

Commenters fall into two camps — those who are stunned at the game-changing hack and are running to try it themselves, and those who are stunned that the creator would even need to store gummy bears. I mean, same – if we’re opening a bag of candy, there’s usually nothing left to store, but if there is, now we’ve got a life-changing hack to keep it fresh. 

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