Happy Cinco de Mayo! 5 Drinks to Celebrate

While Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, might not be a major holiday throughout Mexico, the Fifth of May has become an important day of pride for many in the Southwest and other parts of the US. Those of us who live in California, Texas, or anywhere, really, love an excuse to celebrate and what better way to do it than with spicy, cool, and colorful drinks? Here are five recipes to enjoy today or any warm day.

1 Blood Orange-Jalapeño Margaritas – Spicy, cool, and absolutely gorgeous

2 Classic Margarita – A recipe for the classic version, plus everything you need to know about margarita styles and ratios

3 Margaritas Made with Beer – This may not be classic, but it’s perfect for a quick drink (no lime squeezing necessary!)

4 Michelada – Another beer cocktail, this time with chili powder, pepper, and hot sauce!

5 Mango Michelada – A refreshing blend of beer, lime, and mango

Need something to snack on with those drinks? Check out our Guacamole roundup.

(Images: Nora Maynard, Nora Maynard, Elizabeth Passarella, Nina Callaway, National Mango Board)