Hanging Kitchen Scale

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kitchen scales are really worth using in the kitchen, especially for baking. I use mine frequently, but I do also get annoyed with its bulkiness and the hassle of dragging it in and out of the high cupboard where it’s stashed. I have been wondering lately if I could hang a scale instead, like in the produce department at the supermarket.

The photo above is from a recent Small Cool entry: Kimmer’s Old & New. I love the look of the vintage scale, and while here it only looks like it’s used for display and storage, I wonder if it could do real functional duty as well.

Here’s another example from a kitchen tour: Robert and Elizabeth’s Soulful Sterling Place. They also just use theirs for storage and display.

What do you think? Do you use a hanging kitchen scale for functional purposes? I haven’t started looking yet, but I do wonder whether hanging scales would measure the small degrees of precision needed in baking. Perhaps they are meant for larger amounts of meat and vegetables?