Hang Pots On the Wall Week 2: Choosing the Best Hanging System

updated May 2, 2019
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Hmmm… how should I do this? (Image credit: Cambria Bold)

Last week I decided this was the month I was finally going to hang my pots and pans on the wall. My first step was to find an easy-to-install weight-bearing wall system for the seven pans I plan to clear out of the cupboard. Here’s what I decided on:

Week 2: Choosing the Right System

After doing loads of internet research this week and consulting the wall-mounted pot rack roundup I did a few months ago, I decided that I’m most fond of the rail-and-S-hook system, like the one seen above. (Although thank you, readers, for your terrific suggestions in my first post!) The rail solution seems best for the particular wall space I’m working with, and I’m confident I can find something affordable and easy-to-install for my rental kitchen.

(However, just one more deviation from the plan: isn’t this individual hook system gorgeous? Not going to work for me now, but maybe in a future kitchen!)

Week 2: Finding the Right Size

Ok, so a rail it is! Now to find the right size. There are two possible locations I can hang wall-mounted racks in my kitchen, and while I haven’t quite decided which location I’m going to use yet, the maximum rail width for either spot is 24 inches. This means that initial top contenders like the Rogar Wall-Mounted Pot Rack and Cuisinart’s Wall-Mounted Pot Rack are out (too wide).

So where does that leave me?

IKEA’s GRUNDTAL Stainless Steel Rail ($7.99) comes in three sizes, one of which measures 23 1/4 inches wide. Perfect!

(Image credit: IKEA)

The Rogar Bar Pot Rack ($16.99) is also 24 inches, and I like the sleek black finish.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Enclume’s Rack-It-Up Utensil Bar ($29.99) is only 22 inches wide, but I’m afraid the S-hooks may be too long. I plan to mount two racks one above the other, so the pans can’t hang too low.

(Image credit: Enclume)

I’m leaning towards the Rogar pot rack (love how sturdy it looks, and the dark finish), but it’s hard to pass up the GRUNDTAL when it’s so cheap. I’ve got a stud finder on order, so as soon as it gets here and I confirm the mounting situation, I’ll make my final decision. Until then, I’ll continue to waffle and research, as I’m wont to do from time to time.

Next Week: Installing the Rail!

I can’t waffle for too long, however; I’ve got to install this baby! Next week I’ll show where I’m planning to hang the rail in my kitchen, and how the installation went.

I’ll admit: I am a little concerned that the pans, particularly the cast iron, will leave marks on my light gray wall. Should I be?