Hang a Bay Wreath for Christmas (and Enjoy It All Year Long)

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to cut the tree and deck the halls and all that. Some of us are more inclined than others to drag greenery into our homes at Christmastime, and some of you I am sure cannot abide the mess. But there is one piece of fresh greenery that I promise is worth the expense: a bay wreath.

I love this fragrant, festive green, and Christmas is just an excuse to hang one of these on my door or over the mantel. As the leaves slowly dry indoors, they smell even better, and they are still good for cooking.

These particular ones from McFadden Farm are made by hand with organic herbs that are crafted into these wreaths. (They have many more options, including some with chilis and garlic woven in.)

This makes a classy and always-elegant gift for a host or a friend, and don’t forget to pick one up for yourself too. You can cook with it all year, long after that Christmas tree has withered on your curbside.