Hand-Washing Dishes: Is It Always Necessary To Use Soap?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Like Sarah Rae, we hand-wash a good number of our dishes and loved her tip on using less soap. Which brings us to our next topic: is it even necessary to use soap at all? Or will a quick rinse sometimes suffice?

We’re mostly talking about things like tablespoons and measuring cups, items that we use quickly for measuring during the course of cooking. If we’re just scooping some spices from the jar or measuring out a cup of vinegar for a marinade, it seems silly to trouble with completely washing them. To be honest, we often just rinse these things under the tap, give them a swipe with the un-soapy wash rag, and let them air-dry.

We’ll always wash anything that was heavily used during cooking or off of which we actually ate. But there are many small things that we feel probably don’t require a thorough wash every time we use them.

What do you think?

(Image: Flickr member aaron13251 licensed under Creative Commons)