Handmade Stoneware by Charlotte Storrs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Hunting around for stoneware that would complement our white and wood kitchen, we have become utterly smitten with the work of Charlotte Storrs. As exhibited in these photos by Agnieszka Lugowska, Storrs’ handmade baskets, pots, and dishes would also look equally, if not more, stunning in a garden or alfresco dining setting.

Storrs, a musician and teacher, studied pottery in her 20s but didn’t pursue it seriously until later in life, after her kids left for college. Now she throws pots in the garden studio at her home in Culham, England. We love the understated quality of her work, which incorporates subtle surface decoration and natural elements like handles made from Japanese akebia vine. (Pieces without vine handles are dishwasher- and oven-safe.) What a lovely way to prepare and serve simple, fresh food!

Pictured above:
1 Vegetable buckets
2 Fruit bowl, baskets, and colander with drip tray
3 Sugar sifter, mixing bowl, and butter pots
4 Plates, bowls, beakers, and lantern
5 Charlotte Storrs at work

For more information about these and other products, visit Charlotte Storrs Stoneware. (Check out the photos of her idyllic English garden/studio, too!) Storrs handles the shipping herself and will provide quotes for delivery outside the UK. She also donates ten percent of web sales to Sharif Isabirye, a Ugandan trainee potter.