Handmade Ceramics from Mud Studio in South Africa

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the past year I acquired several ceramic pieces of servingware that I really treasure. They’re fluid, organic, and unique. Well, I just realized that they were made by the same artisans: Mud Studio, in South Africa. Here’s a look at few more of Mud Studio’s organic, handmade pieces.

Mud Studio is a small company in South Africa (and is not to be confused with Mud Australia, which is another ceramics company we like very much). They create handmade ceramics for the table, kitchen, garden, and home, including some spectacular chandeliers made of hand-rolled ceramic beads.

In the United States, their pieces are primarily found at Anthropologie stores. The juicer pictured above is one distinctive design you might remember from recent Anthropologie collections! Right now, though, we can’t find any of their pieces online; they tend to just be in the street stores’ collections.

I especially love my lasagna dish, which is heavy and sturdy, and decorated with an interesting motif. It can go in the oven, so it’s a true deep-dish lasagna pan!

Have you ever come across these lovely ceramics?

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