The $20 Electric Kettle That Turned Me into a Regular Tea Drinker

published Jan 7, 2021
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Cropped shot of a woman having a tea break at home.
Credit: Delmaine Donson | Getty Images

I love tea. I drink cup after cup of it, and my Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle is the MVP of my tea-drinking habit. I’d been eyeing an electric kettle for ages, but couldn’t justify buying one. I didn’t even own a stovetop kettle, opting to boil water in a saucepan. Why? Call it both stubbornness and the refusal to buy anything I thought of as “superfluous.”

But on a visit to my hometown of Portland, OR, I (safely) stayed with a friend who had an electric kettle. It was a divine intervention. I discovered that with an electric kettle, a cup of tea no longer felt like such a chore to make — and I was able to drink even more tea! And when my friend said it was just $20, I was officially sold. The convenience was well worth the price.

I especially like that the Hamilton Beach kettle is transparent, which means I can easily keep watch and turn the kettle off mid-way to a boil if I need to. I regularly drink tea on the go from my Hydro Flask, which keeps it piping hot for hours and hours. If I stop the kettle when the bubbles are beginning to form on the bottom, but before it boils, the water is warm enough to diffuse the tea bag, but cool enough I can drink it immediately.

Credit: Nilina Mason-Campbell

When I’m drinking tea at home, though, I don’t mind if it reaches a full boil. Especially because the kettle automatically shuts off when it does so, meaning there’s no need to watch over it. It works quickly, too, bringing up to one liter of water to a boil in a matter of minutes. And I like that the kettle has a blue LED light that turns on when the water is heating up and turns off when it’s ready.

My mom even bought one for herself after coming to stay with me and realizing its value, both in practicality and price. My goal: Convince every one I know to get this electric kettle. It’s that good.

Are you a tea drinker? How do you heat up your water? Tell us in the comments below.