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Honestly, We Should All Be Eating Ham and Cheese Sliders for Breakfast

published Dec 11, 2020
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ham sliders
Credit: The Cookie Rookie

There’s a fine line between “regular sandwich” and “breakfast sandwich,” and it gets blurry whenever ham is involved. These ham and cheese sliders might not technically be breakfast sandwiches, but they’re salty, cheesy, buttery, and a little bit sweet, and they remind me of going out to brunch with my friends. They’re great for snacks or parties, but they also look like a perfect breakfast to me. They’re so easy you could make a batch whenever you want them, and if that happens to be the first thing in the morning, I approve.

“I always make these ham and cheese sliders on those busy holiday mornings with leftover ham!” says Becky Hardin of The Cookie Rookie. “They’re so crave-worthy and simple.”

Using Hawaiian rolls for ham and cheese sliders is a brilliant move. The rolls add a touch of sweetness, which goes perfectly with the salty ham and melted Swiss cheese. A very simple honey-Dijon sauce adds a bit more sweetness and a touch of heat. To make, you just combine equal parts honey and Dijon mustard, and brush it onto the cut sides of the halved rolls, then put a slice of ham and Swiss cheese onto each roll and arrange them in a baking dish. A bit of poppyseed dressing brushed over the tops of the sliders turns into a shiny glaze in the oven and makes them look really delicious. 

The recipe is pretty kid-friendly on its own, but if you have very picky eaters, you can always omit the honey-Dijon dressing and the poppyseed glaze from a few of the sliders before baking them.

Get the recipe: Ham Sliders from The Cookie Rookie

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Olwen Phillips
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