Halloween: An Adult’s Excuse to Indulge!

(Image credit: PBS Food )

Although I’m well into my 30s, my mom still sends a Halloween package each year. It usually includes candy corn, holiday M&M’s, See’s truffles (a California tradition) and a festive hand towel or candle. And while I’m not one to generally buy these sweets for myself at the store, I look forward to the package each year. Halloween, it seems, is an easy excuse for adults to sneak in a treat, too.

My partner Sam and I have the same discussion each year regarding Halloween candy: should we buy healthier candy or not? I wrote about the scenario last year on The Kitchn; I’m always the one advocating to go big or go home, while Sam is more inclined to buy the sugar-free lollipops. He’s convinced that kids don’t know the difference as they’re bringing in such a big haul anyway, but this year I’m very much in the camp of ‘But I know the difference!’

Halloween is the one time of year where we have a big bowl of candy around the house, and why not stock it with something we’re both excited about, too? I find the topic of favorite candy bars raises all kinds of memories and passionate opinions amongst our friends: some are staunch Snickers fans while others really look forward to an Almond Joy. A few years ago I discovered Take 5 which are my new favorite: they’re kind of like a Snickers bar but with pretzels and peanut butter. I’m not too sure it gets much better than that.

So on a holiday designed to hand out treats to kids, why not simultaneously treat ourselves, too? What’s your favorite way to indulge on Halloween?