Hail Caesar (Salad)

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton)

Across America and many lands beyond, Caesar salad has found a home on nearly every kind of restaurant menu — fast food and fine dining included. Its origins are contentious — a family dispute over which brother created this combination is still argued today. While this salad can’t claim an association with a Roman emperor — neither Julius nor Augustus — its ubiquity and dominance in modern dining has made it a bit of an imperial character itself.

This week, we’re exploring every facet of Caesar salad — from its origin story to a recipe for the ultimate Caesar salad — and our expedition into the empire leaves no crouton unturned.

The Empire Beyond Salad

Caesar salad could actually be called the Caesar of salads. Its influence has created an empire where the combination of Parmesan, lemon, anchovies, and romaine have marched out like troops conquering pizza, pasta, and even roast chicken.

This week, let us be your guide to this empire. We’re making stops at all the important sites, asking all the important questions, and whipping up all the important recipes. At the end of this week, you’ll have earned your doctorate in Caesar salad, because the list is extensive. Here’s a look at what’s to come.

  • How to make the ultimate Caesar salad
  • A quick history of Caesar salad
  • The 10 most popular Caesar salad recipes on the internet
  • Five new Caesar salad bases that aren’t kale — rejoice!
  • Our favorite bottled caesar dressing
  • The seven crimes we never commit against Caesar — there’s no Brutus in this group!
  • Our 10 favorites memes about Caesar salad
  • How to pack the best Caesar salad for lunch