Hack Your Ramen with Fresh Sliced Ginger

published Oct 6, 2016
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(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

This is just one more reason to keep a knob of fresh ginger in the kitchen at all times. A few slices of fresh ginger are an instant upgrade, bringing a fresh and zippy flavor boost.

Why You Should Use This Instant Upgrade

Just a small amount of ginger makes a big difference when added to quick cup of ramen. Let it simmer a few minutes until the broth picks up the ginger’s flavor. Stick with rounds for a lighter aroma with less spice, or if you like more zing, add in minced or grated ginger.

How to Make It

Add a few coin-sized slices of peeled fresh ginger to the pot along with the instant ramen, and cook according to the package instructions. Pour into a bowl and serve.

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