Hack Instant Ramen with Baked Tofu

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

When you want to up the ante and turn this instant noodle soup from snack to satisfying meal, look to baked tofu cubes.

Why You Should Use This Instant Upgrade

With crisp outsides and a tender center, baked tofu cubes are a satisfying way to add texture and a boost of protein to a cup of ramen. Consider this your reason to stock the fridge with a batch or two of make-ahead baked tofu.

How to Make It

Prepare the instant ramen according to the instructions on the package. Pour into a bowl, top with baked tofu cubes, and serve immediately.

Hack Your Instant Ramen

This series shows you just how easy it can be to doctor up instant ramen for a new spin on this everyday comfort food. With a packet of ramen in hand, we’ll show you how to give this noodle soup an instant upgrade using no more than two common pantry ingredients.