Habit Hacks: Easy Tips for Topping Off Your Daily Water Intake

published Sep 12, 2017
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We all have the suspicion that we should be drinking more water, but it’s usually easier said than done. The key to staying well hydrated is to make it a habit. Then, after a while, sneaking in a few extra sips throughout the day becomes second nature. Let’s talk about how to get you there.

We’ll meet you at wherever you are with your current hydration habits. You tell us how much water you drink in an average day and we’ll give you an easy way to top it off accordingly. So: How much water do you drink in a day?

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Lots. My hydration game is nearly perfect.

If you’re almost there, sneak in that last cup or two by keeping a glass in the bathroom to remind you to fill it up and drink it first thing in the morning. Your body is naturally a little dehydrated after a night of sleep, which will make that first glass feel extra good.

Wanna go the extra mile? Some people swear by starting every morning with a glass of lemon water, claiming it helps with everything from immune function to weight loss. We make no medical claims, but if nothing else, it makes for a tasty start to the day.

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A fair amount. I generally do pretty well.

If you’re already drinking water throughout the day and with meals, just add a glass or two at snack times. There’s a myth that it’s bad to drink water with snacks or meals, but we think it’s just that: a myth. Water aids digestion and can also help you avoid overeating. If you’re a twice(ish)-a-day snacker, this gives you a built-in habit to add on to.

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Some. I don’t not drink water, but it’s not regularly or frequently.

Set an alarm or timer to go off on your phone every two hours to remind you to drink one glass. Even better if you can associate it with a regular activity such as checking your email to help “program” your mind to habitually reach for a glass or bottle of water throughout the day.

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Hardly any. I’m parched right now.

Starting from near zero? Here’s your plan: Every morning, fill up your water pitcher to the max and set a goal of drinking most of it by the end of the day. Then, you’ll have the visual of the lowering water line throughout the day to pace yourself. The Brita Stream looks cute in the fridge and uses cool “filter as you pour” technology, making it super fast to drink and go.

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