This Reader-Favorite Ceramics Brand Just Released Their Popular Tapered Mug in Six New Must-Have Colors

published Oct 27, 2022
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There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a mugful of your favorite cold-weather beverage (I’d say coffee, but don’t blame you if you’re more of a tea person, or love to rock a fall baking extravaganzas, getting all comfy with a cozy cuppa has got to be up there on the list of best seasonal activities. But, finding the cup for your cuppa? Well, that might bring on even more joy. We all know the feeling when the realization hits: Your go-to mug is dirty in the dishwasher, you can see your significant other taking a sip out of it right this moment, or worse, it shattered not too long ago. (RIP.)

That’s where Haand comes in, well, handy. The reader-favorite, artisan-made ceramics brand has mastered the art of the perfect mug (and bowl, and plate, and … you get it). These porcelain crafters are well-loved among our team for their durable tableware, unique — and truly gorgeous — glazes, and overall stellar design and functionality. And, we’ve got some news! These ceramists have just launched their tapered mug in six all-new hues.

This versatile mug first made its debut onto the Haand scene (and into our cabinets) this summer, when it was featured in the brand’s daydream-worthy Cloudware Collection. We immediately took to the new shape — Haand’s OG mug, the Short Mug, is equally awesome, BTW — for it’s traditional silhouette, adorned with subtle, funky, handmade details. The 10-ounce beverage holder is just over four inches tall and has a thin, hand-built, durable handle which makes sipping from it (even if that’s marshmallow-topped hot cocoa) an extremely elegant act.

The stylish taper design does a lot more than just look pretty, though — it works to keep your beverage warm. Because the surface area is smaller than a wide-rim mug, there’s less evaporative cooling going on. Plus, your drink of choice has so much room to stay cozy and warm in-between the tall, naturally insulated walls. You’ll have all the benefits of traditional mug construction, combined with a ton of little artistic attributes, like the aforementioned handle or the mug’s slightly wobbly, tastefully hand-formed rim.

The new shades include Concrete (as pictured above), Burl, Vespertine, Turmeric, Birch, and Matte Black (it’s Halloween season, people!). Opt for a set of four Turmeric and add a bright ray of sunshine into your home, or mix and match Concrete, Birch, and Vespertine for a subtle elevated morning routine. Perhaps you plan on buying one of each new hue as a gift, and stick one in every stocking — or, if you’re anything like me, you might plan on buying two of your favorite (one for a morning coffee, another for an afternoon pick me up), and allowing absolutely no one else to touch them. Whichever mug (or mugs) you pick, you’ll be drinking in style in no time.

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