13 Little Luxuries (for $10 or Less) to Pick Up at H Mart

published Dec 4, 2022
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Exterior of H Mart
Credit: Irene Yoo

Shopping at H Mart is such a happy activity for me during the holidays. The store is brimming with goodies like winter fruits (hello,


pomegranates!), meats and foods ready for the holiday dinner table, and, best of all, gifts!

I show my love year-round by cooking for people, and during the holidays I love giving little food presents to my family and friends. H Mart is positively stacked with options that are perfect for stuffing stockings, adorning a wrapped present, or just giving as a wee token of appreciation.

Plus, did you know that H Mart is a great resource for home goods as well? Scroll ahead to find my picks for the holidays.

Credit: Irene Yoo

1. CreekSide Satsuma Mandarin, $9.99 for 4 pounds

The only thing that gets me through the cold, dark winter is that it’s officially citrus season! I always have a giant bowl filled with satsuma mandarins on the kitchen table — they’re so easy to pick up, peel, and pop in your mouth. This four-pound box contains about two-dozen mandarins, so the value is just as good as the taste! Bring a box to your parents’ house to share with the whole family.

Credit: Irene Yoo

2. Seoul Sisters Kimchi Seasoning, $8.99 for 3.5 ounces

Last year, my brother-in-law asked me for a jar of my homemade kimchi, and I spent several days seriously contemplating how I could execute this gift. Would I transport said kimchi on a flight? Should I bring the ingredients and make it there? This year, I’m gonna save myself the trouble and bring the next best thing: kimchi seasoning! This stuff is so great to use to marinate a shoulder of pork, season a whole fish, or just sprinkle on microwave popcorn.

Credit: Irene Yoo

3. Ajishima Noritamago Furikake, $3.99 for 1.7 ounces

My 5-year old nephew is a super-picky eater, but he loves rice and sushi. So I immediately thought of this furikake seasoning for him, which combines seaweed, sesame seed, sugar, salt, and other delicious ingredients. Just sprinkle on some rice, add a little soy sauce and sesame oil to taste, and you got a perfect after-school snack.

Credit: Irene Yoo

4. Samyang Buldak Quattro Cheese Spicy Chicken Ramen, $4.99 for 25.55 ounces

This one’s perfect for the office White Elephant party or a Secret Santa exchange with friends. Buldak ramen (aka spicy chicken ramen) is famous for its super-spicy stir-fried noodles, as well as its ever-increasing flavor options, like this four-cheese version. Split them up amongst your friends, or gift the whole pack to impress a special someone.

Credit: Irene Yoo

5. Lotte Pepero Crunchy, $4.00 for 5 packs

Come holiday season, I like to institute a “one for you, one for me” rule when it comes to gifting. Pepero (Korea’s answer to the Japanese Pocky) is perfect for this — I love opening up a bag and sharing it with those around me. I’m super excited about this crunchy version this year, where the crunchy rice puff chocolate bar meets Pepero chocolate dipped biscuit sticks for an extra-crispy, crunchable sweet.

Credit: Irene Yoo

6. Lotte Koala’s March Artificially Flavored Strawberry Crème Filled Cookies, $6.49 for 10 packs

These koala snacks delight me just as much now as an adult as they did when I was a kid. This alluringly large box contains 10(!) little packs of strawberry creme-filled koala cookies, which I’ll be doling out to all the nieces and nephews to cement my status as favorite aunt.

Credit: Irene Yoo

7. Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix, $6.99 for 20 sticks

These coffee-mix sticks are the ultimate post-meal Korean coffee — you’ll see them at restaurants, in bank lobbies, even at the gas station. Put a few sticks in everyone’s stocking and you got Christmas morning coffee covered.

Credit: Irene Yoo

8. Binggrae BGR Banana Milk, $6.99 for 6 cartons

While the adults are having their coffee moment, the kids (and non-coffee drinkers) can have a banana milk moment! Even better if you have any BTS fans in your family — youngest member, Jungkook, has professed his love for the banana-flavored milk many times. 

Credit: Irene Yoo

9. Hello Home Stainless Square Chopsticks, $4.99 for a set of 5

While most American homes are stacked in the fork and knife department, not every household has chopsticks on deck. Upgrade your family’s stash of disposable takeout chopsticks with this five-pack of metal chopsticks — they’re both beautiful and durable.

Credit: Irene Yoo

10. Chinhwangyeong Susemi, $1.99 for 1 pad

Susemi are a uniquely Korean invention — a scouring pad crocheted with a special yarn, made to last longer than your typical cellulose sponges. They come in bright colors and fun shapes, like this strawberry one. Stock up on a bunch for emergency gifting (everyone has a sink, right?).

Credit: Irene Yoo

11. Kkomi Tongs, $2.49 for 1 pair of tongs

Sure, your gift recipient might already have a pair of tongs, but they’re likely those big, unwieldy ones made for outdoor grilling. These incredibly versatile kitchen tongs are so useful I have three of them! I use them all the time, whether it’s flipping pork belly during Korean BBQ, carving the turkey at Thanksgiving, or serving dishes to a crowd.

Credit: Irene Yoo

12. M95 Black Kitchen Scissors, $9.99 for 1 pair of scissors

I swear by my kitchen shears. I reach for them to open bags, chop scallions, cut bacon — the sky’s the limit! This is the ideal gift for an avid home cook, perfectly in that realm of “might not have bought for myself, but now I can’t live without it.”

Credit: Irene Yoo

13.Smile Babble Soju Glass Set, $9.99 for 6 glasses

I can’t resist these cheeky smiley shot glasses. While they’re intended for Korean soju drinking, they can of course be used for any tipple of your choice. Spread the word: This is what I’ll be wishing for in my stocking this year!

What little luxuries are you buying at H Mart this year? Tell us in the comments.