This $21 Picnic Must-Have Solves One of Your Most Annoying Outdoor Dining Problems

published Apr 25, 2023
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You might think the key to a good picnic is an elaborate food spread: caprese salad, strawberry lemonade, and five different types of sandwiches — not to mention a homemade dessert of some sort. Or, perhaps you’re partial to a comfy blanket with lots of throw pillows for hours-long lounging. Although these things are certainly important when it comes to creating a memorable outing, it’s the more technical stuff that can make or break your afternoon. For instance, did you bring along some kind of mosquito repellant? Did you apply sunscreen before deciding to spend the day on a park lawn? And how do you plan on preventing those all-too-common picnic messes that usually occur after one-too-many white peach sangrias? Unless you’re dining at an outdoor table, this last problem can be difficult to prevent — or so you might’ve thought. Really, all you need for a seamless trip is this foldable outdoor picnic tray from Walmart. Not to brag, but we may have just found your next must-have summer accessory.

One of the nicest parts about this makeshift table is how easy it is to bring along. It’s essentially a TV tray, but with special cutouts for a bottle and drinking glasses. Simply fold it flat, pack it into your tote bag, and you’re ready to hit the road. The tray clocks in at just 1.25 lbs., so it won’t weigh you down if you’re walking to your destination. Best of all, it “provides a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature while eating and socializing,” wrote one reviewer. Other Walmart shoppers also noted that the foldable table is sturdy and remains stable even amid windy weather conditions and uneven terrain, keeping its contents safe and upright.


The tray is especially great for wine, as it features one cutout specifically for a standard-sized wine bottle. The three other holes on its surface can hold anything from stemmed glasses to soda cans to water bottles — their ridged perimeters secure different sizes of containers without trouble. The remainder of the tabletop is perfect for holding small bites, or you might even use it as an impromptu charcuterie board. Some reviewers mentioned that they also use the surface for card and board games. For such a low price, this foldable tray does a solid job of ensuring that all your outdoor dining escapades remain scenic, relaxing, and free of spills. As far as functionality, it leaves nothing to be desired.