These Girls Turned Their Friend’s Room into a Shrine to Guy Fieri, and It’s Amazing

published Apr 16, 2018
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The tough thing about getting older is that one always looks back on one’s youth and sees all the roads not taken. Why didn’t I go on that foreign-study trip? Why didn’t I apply for that internship? Why did I miss all of those opportunities to prank the heck out of my roommates?

Well, three Binghamton University students will never have to worry about that last one, because they just pulled off one of the funniest roommate pranks the world has ever seen, and they got the whole thing on video for posterity.

According to The Daily Meal’s Taylor Rock, Food Network fan and Binghamton University geology major Megan Hassan is rooming with three crafty geniuses, because when she left for a date recently, her roommates took the opportunity to redecorate her bedroom into a shrine to Guy Fieri, and they went all in.

Hassan went out on her date, suspecting nothing. And Heather Callaghan, Julia Wilcox, and Caitlin McTeirnan knew she was planning on bringing her date back to the apartment after dinner. So they went into her room, put on Boyz II Men’s least subtle ballad, “I’ll Make Love to You,” dimmed the lights, and built a creepy, candle-strewn shrine to the Mayor of Flavortown.

“Meghan’s bringing a boy home so we redecorated her room with a shrine to Guy Fieri,” Callaghan captioned a video of their handiwork.

They left three Pinterest boards worth of Guy Fieri mementos on Hassan’s dresser, including a three-tiered frame that says “My Guy Guy” and a Photoshopped picture of Guy Fieri being cradled by the Virgin Mary. Because any fan could fill a room with posters, but only a superfan would spend time crafting a Guy Fieri vision board.

And the pièce de résistance, the thing that is making the internet spit coffee all over its collective keyboards, was a giant printed banner over the bed reading, “Welcome to Flavor Town.”

I’m dying. They’ve killed me, and I am dead. This prank was just too funny for mortal eyes.

If Hassan was shocked to walk into her room that night, imagine what her date thought. But Hassan told the Daily Meal that once she figured out what had happened, she thought the prank was hilarious, and so did the guy. She also said she still hasn’t taken the decorations down, which raises the question: How long can a Guy Fieri shrine stay up in your room before it goes from being a prank shrine to a real shrine? And also, how do you think she’ll get back at them?

What’s the best food prank you’ve ever seen?