Revisiting a (Former) Guilty Pleasure: Coffee 3 in 1

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While spending a few months in Vietnam, my husband and I took quite a shine to Coffee 3 in 1. It really hit the spot after many moons without coffee. So when I spotted it at my local Vietnamese grocery, I had to pick up a few packets and see if it stood up to my wistful memories of waking up in a different country and wrapping my hands around a warm mug of this sweet stuff. How’d that go?

Not great!

I was sorely disappointed that my Coffee 3 in 1 memories were going to remain just that, memories. Never again do I want to sip on this sweetened, fake creamer-laden beverage. It was all wrong out of context. Does that ever happen to you? A special food lingers in your mind as being incredible only to find upon tasting it again that it’s — well, just not that good?