Guilty Pleasures in the Kitchen Re-cap

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The response to our guilty pleasures in the kitchen post yesterday were highly entertaining; some so guilty and some so pleasurable, that we can’t resist posting a few. Don’t miss the entries below the jump, there are some great ones.

“Potato Chips (nice and salty) dipped in vanilla ice-cream.” – alex

“I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but…Chef Boyardee mini raviolis with a slice of American cheese melted into it.” – minipanda

“Fake corn dogs.” – Scazza

“‘Elvis Pickles’: the crinkle-cut (“Bread and butter”?) pickles, battered then fried. With Ranch dipping sauce.” – p(too)

“I also admit to the fine art of eating crunchy peanut butter sandwiches with soy sauce and Tabasco.” – DrewB

“Elbow macaroni coated in tons and tons of butter and then mixed up with room temperature salsa.” – Ann

“A tuna sandwich with LOTS of potato chips on the sandwich. Actually, more of a chip sandwich with tuna to hold them together.” – Janel

“There’s nothing more guiltily pleasurable than a Coke Float while watching late night television.” – Curtis

“Anything with NUTELLA.” – luigi

“Balsamic vinegar. On nothing, with nothing, just slurping teaspoons of balsamic. In my defense, an old roommate drinks Red Hot Sauce from the bottle, and another girl drinks soy sauce.” – Nada