Guess Who These Colorful Plates & Utensils Were Designed For

(Image credit: Fast Company)

No, it’s not the coolest new line of dinnerware and flatware designed for your kids. Instead, this colorful set — made by Eatwell — has been specially designed for Alzheimer’s patients. And there’s a reason everything is so colorful.

The dinnerware set is ergonomically designed and scaled for adult hands, and the red, yellow, and blue hues actually get patients to eat more — a big victory since many Alzheimer’s patients struggle with mealtime.

A study at Boston University reported that when served in colorful dishes and glasses, adults with “cognitive impairment” drank 84 percent more liquids and ate 24 percent more of their meal.

You can learn more about the line of dishes and the story behind their creation on Eatwell’s website.