Guaranteed Show-Stopper: Dobos Torte

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re ever in need of an extra-impressive dessert, dobos torte has got you covered. From the thin sheets of cake layered with rich chocolate buttercream to the wedges of crunchy caramel on top, this is cake like you’ve never seen it before!

A traditional Hungarian dessert, this cake is made with very thin layers of sponge cake (at least five of them!) separated by equally thin layers of chocolate butter cream. The result makes for a dramatic presentation and a pudding-like consistency as you eat your way through a slice. The fans of caramel-coated sponge cake decorating the top are like an added bonus!

This cake is also the predecessor to the infamous New Orleans Doberge Cake. The New Orleans version usually uses pastry cream or pudding in place of buttercream, in alternating flavors of chocolate and lemon. Yum!

Feel like attempting a dobos torte of your own? Here are a few recipes to try!

Dobos Torte from Sugar and Spice
Viennese Dobos Torte from Food & Wine
Double Dobos Cake from

Have you ever had dobos cake?

(Image: Sugar and Spice via Tastespotting)