A New Survey Finds That Grocery Stores Are the Most Trusted Retailers for Safety Protocols Right Now

updated Jul 23, 2020
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Though nothing goes viral right now quite as quickly as someone refusing to wear a mask in the grocery store, the anti-maskers coming to shop are only part of the concern for customers looking to buy their food in a safe environment. While there’s always a lot that goes into choosing which stores to shop from, it’s becoming increasingly clear that consumers value the way stores implement health and safety measures when making their decisions.

Last month, the global research firm Ipsos did mystery shops to see which major retailers were keeping people the happiest: the big winners were Whole Foods, Costco, and Trader Joe’s. Now, the company is back, this time starting with a consumer survey about what it is that people care about when they shop — and how confident they are in stores to implement safety measures. This will again be used to measure how retailers are doing, in a study that is not yet released.

For now, the survey shows some good news: grocery stores are still the most trusted retailers for health and safety protocols — a relief given the essentialness of them, and also something that makes sense given the high scores for the major stores in the last study.

More notable is how much a store’s adherence to protocols matters to the consumer:

  • 94% of consumers say “stores that are doing a good job in health and safety compliance will earn my business.”
  • 29% say they would stop shopping at a retailer altogether if they knew the brand was not implementing health and safety measures.
  • Furthermore, people seem to be starting to understand that those measures are not free: 27% of consumers would pay up to 10% more for products at stores they feel are doing a superior job ensuring their customers’ health and safety.