We Compared Flower Prices at Trader Joe’s, Costco, Kroger, and Whole Foods. See What We Learned.

updated Oct 7, 2020
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Even when the budget’s tight, I try to keep fresh blooms around whenever possible. Of course, it’s a cost that can really add up, so I can’t always swing it. While I’m constantly keeping my eye out for inexpensive bouquets at the grocery store, I had never actually done an official price comparison — until now.

I recently scoped out prices at Trader Joe’s, Costco, Kroger, and Whole foods in my home town of Louisville, Kentucky, getting a cross section of bouquets raging from their cheapest to spendiest (with a bonus Aldi price check, thanks to my mom!). The method was still a bit of apples and oranges (or daisies and mums!) so I included roses (at non-Valentine’s Day pricing) as a control.

Keep reading to see how the stores stacked up.

The Least Expensive Bouquets

  • Trader Joe’s: $3.99
  • Costco: $9.99
  • Kroger: $5
  • Whole Foods: $3.99
  • Aldi: $3.99 (their one and only option)

The Upgraded Bouquets

  • Trader Joe’s: $5.99
  • Costco: $14.99
  • Kroger: $10
  • Whole Foods: $9.99

The Most Expensive Bouquets

  • Trader Joe’s: $9.99
  • Costco: $29.99
  • Kroger: $20
  • Whole Foods: $19.99

A Dozen Roses

  • Trader Joe’s: $6.99
  • Costco: $16.99 (for two dozen because, Costco)
  • Kroger: $19.99
  • Whole Foods: $12.99
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Which Grocery Store Had the Best Deal on Flowers?

Hands down, Trader Joe’s wins. The only category where other stores came close was on the least expensive bouquet. But the selection at Trader Joe’s was just much nicer than the other options. And in my experience, blooms from Trader Joe’s always seem to last far longer than the stuff I’ve bought at Whole Foods or Kroger. The price difference was the most dramatic in the mid-range bouquets: The other stores were anywhere from almost twice as much to triple the price of Trader Joe’s.

It’s nice to have a fall-back and know I can grab a small, cheap bouquet if I’m only running into another store and won’t be making it to Trader Joe’s. But since they last so long anyway, for my money, I’d rather wait and replenish with a nicer bunch of flowers the next time I’m there.

Do you get flowers at Trader Joe’s? What’s your experience with them?

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