These Are Our Readers’ All-Time Best Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

updated Oct 21, 2019
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If you’re looking for ways to make your grocery budget stretch a bit, look no further. We picked the brains of brilliant Kitchn readers who are watching their wallets by shopping smarter in the grocery store. (Kitchn readers, they’re just like us!)

Take note of these tips and you’ll be racking up major savings in no time.

I walk to the grocery store. Having to carry home your groceries makes you more conscious of how much you are buying. it’s easier to stick just to buying what you need.” — Farren R.

I put a hand basket under the cart for items that I’d like but aren’t on the list. After the essentials are scanned, it’s easy to add items (or not) based on how much cash I have left.” — Rebecca H.

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Don’t even go down the aisles that are not called for on your list.”— Linda I.

Take out cash and leave your cards at home. You’ll have to stay in budget.” — Robyn F.

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“I plan our meals based on what’s on sale that week or what we have on hand and I use the pickup service at our store. No temptation to buy crappy snacks or ice cream.” — Danielle A.

“Set a calculator to the amount you budgeted and subtract the amount of each item you put in your basket. If you go over your budget take something out you don’t need.” — Bill D.

Always eat before you shop. If hungry you will buy more because everything will look delicious.” — Margaret S.

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“Before I go check out, I take a look at what is in my shopping cart. I can usually pull out 2-3 items that I don’t really need. Saves me about $10+ every trip.”— Quyen G.

I use the ShopShop app — it works like a paper list, except you can rearrange items for streamlining time in the store and the list is always with you. Also, I have a white board on the fridge to note things I need in between trips.” — Amy R.

I bring my husband. He puts everything back and or tells me another one is cheaper.” — Karen D.

Leave the children at home.” — Aretha W.

Stay out of the grocery store! I have been dedicated to using stuff in my cupboards and 5 freezers. Loving the savings.” — Mary M.

What do you do to save money at the grocery store?