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How 12 People Got Dinner on the Table Without Leaving Home

published Oct 29, 2020
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One silver lining from this, er, memorable year: Online grocery shopping has graduated from exotic perk to everyday staple. But as anyone who has ever ordered a bunch of fresh bananas, only to belatedly receive a bag of bruised beets will tell you, all online grocery shopping experiences are not created equal. It requires a more personal touch—someone who can shop for you as if they were shopping for themselves.

Enter the personal grocery shopping and delivery service Shipt. The easy ordering process lets members choose from an impressive range of top grocery and household retailers in the same app, from Target to Sur La Table to Petco to your local grocery store. Shipt Shoppers stay in touch via text throughout the process to communicate about last-minute add-ons, suggest alternatives for sold-out items, and share delivery window updates.

We partnered with Shipt to give 500 members of Kitchn Cabinet, our panel of home cooking enthusiasts, an exclusive promo code so they could try it for themselves. Here are just a few of their Instagram posts sharing their Shipt experiences.

The Mushroom Skillet Lasagna Ashley made with her Shipt haul while watching football showed us how to majorly upgrade our game day menu.

Shipt gave this multitasking mom both the extra time to put her kiddo down for a nap and the ingredients to build this dazzling, colorful snack board. A delicious double win!

Sometimes, you just need one essential ingredient. And in our book, chocolate fudge is always essential.

With the groceries delivered to her door, Margaret had time to make a picture-perfect three-course dinner of steak, roasted Brussels sprouts (using our recipe!), and vanilla cake for two without even breaking a sweat.

Reed’s Green Shakshuka makes us positively green with envy. Follow his lead and use Shipt to gather any missing ingredients before the craving passes.

Even looking at the ingredients for Raeven’s Chorizo and Mushroom Cheese Dip makes our mouths water. A perfect fall treat!

All four of Rachel’s colorful, crunchy toast recipes make us ask one simple question: Can a person chew four pieces of toast at once? We endeavor to find out.

Rachel’s Zucchini Spinach Soup is the perfect way to welcome fall’s crisp chill while savoring one last moment of summer’s color and flavor.

The secret to Melissa’s success is automation and delegation. (Those very leafy greens can’t hurt, either!)

Connie avoided the fridge frights by placing her Shipt order on the go so it would be waiting for her when she arrived home. Spoiler alert: The homemade  Chimichurri Rotisserie Chicken she made is the key to happy taste buds.

Tamara got dinner ingredients delivered for the two- and four-legged members of her family.

Why should carnivores get all the good cravings? Shari’s Crispy, Spicy Tofu will make even die-hard meat-lovers welcome this plant-based recipe into their roster of meal ideas.