Grilling Questions for Diane Morgan: Can I Grill Indoors?

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So what about those of us who have no space for a grill? Can we make any of these yummy grilled recipes we’ve been featuring all month? Yes, says grilling expert Diane Morgan. She wrote a book called Grill Every Day, and if she’s really grilling every day then we figured she must have a fallback option for when the weather is bad. Read on for tips on the best things to grill indoors.

Here’s the question and Diane’s answer:

Do you have any good tips for those of us whose grilling experiments must be confined to a grill pan on an electric stove?

I use an indoor grill pan or electric grill when it is rainy or cold and basically too unpleasant to cook outdoors.

I tend to grill foods such as: vegetables (asparagus, eggplant slices, bell peppers, sweet onions slices, etc), boneless, skinless chicken breasts, chicken satays, shrimp, scallops, salmon, or other sturdy fish fillets, hangar steaks, skirt steaks, etc.

Vegetables and lean meats that are grilled relatively quickly without a lot of fat and splatter work best.

Thanks Diane!

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