Grilling Questions for Diane Morgan: Best Grilled Desserts?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What are your favorite grilled desserts? We asked Diane Morgan, author of Grill Every Day, to tell us about grilled desserts other than grilled fruit. Read on for her answer and tell us: what’s your favorite grilled dessert?

Here’s our question: Are there desserts that can be made on the grill, aside from grilled fruits?

And here’s Diane’s answer:

Yes! Consider brushing thick slices of pound cake or lemon-poppyseed cake with melted butter and then grilling them for a warm, toasty dessert. Shower them with fresh berries and some sweetened whipped cream. Yum! Don’t forget about a s’mores sundae.

Thanks Diane! Do you have favorite grilled desserts too? Still a couple more questions to come….

(Grilled Pineapple image: Flickr member Another Pint Please… licensed for use under Creative Commons)