Grilling Month: What Won’t You Grill?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With this being Grilling Month here at The Kitchn, we’ve talked about a lot of grilled food. We’ve talked about some grilling classics: steak and potatoes, fish and vegetables, tomatoes with garlic. We’ve also grilled some more unusual things, like cheese with lemon, salads, and peaches.

Now we’re curious: what won’t you grill at all?

We asked Diane Morgan, our grilling expert from last week, and here’s what she said she will not grill:

“I’ve tried a lot of things on the grill, but I suppose, say, spinach or other leafy greens don’t work well. Tough cuts of meat that might typically be braised are better if barbecued—the low and slow method. I’d skip pudding and ice cream!”

The funny thing is that while we agree with her about the ice cream, we did find a photo of FRIED ice cream – see above! This definitely wouldn’t work on the grill… or would it? You tell us!

And what else won’t you grill, for reasons of mess, health, complications, skill, or inclination?

(Image: Flickr user roboppy, licensed for use under Creative Commons)