Grilling In the Rain

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We had a grillfest extravaganza laid out last night at a family member’s country house. There was a big gas grill all prepped and hot, and fish, sausage, and chicken ready to go on. We wanted to experiment with a few things and bring you back some recipes. Well, look what happened.

Rain on the grill! That’s steam coming off the top. The water hissed and evaporated immediately as soon as it hit the fully-heated grill. It was really coming down – a true summer thunderstorm!

We abandoned our plans for extensive recipe testing, but we did test one recipe that we’ll review for you a little later today. (It was a very successful supper!)

It also occurred to us, here in Grilling Month, that rain on the grill is not so uncommon, and perhaps it was good to test things under such realistic circumstances.

Have you ever grilled in the rain, and if so, what is your best method of dealing with it? We had a big umbrella…

(Image: Faith Hopler)