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30 Super-Hot Gifts for Grillers at All Levels

updated Jun 2, 2023
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Here at Kitchn, we believe grilling and smoking (food, that is) should be a year-round activity — which means that looking for the best grilling gifts is always relevant. However, with summer season upon us, it’s now more important than ever to look for amazing gifts for grillers. We’ve selected our favorite cooking gifts for the grill expert (or novice) in your life, including picks from our grilling Best List and editor- and reader-loved finds that we think will rock their world.

Ahead, you’ll find plenty of grilling tools and accessories to totally upgrade their outdoor setup, including a grill basket to keep veggies in one place and a wireless meat thermometer so they can stay in the house while they monitor their steak. Or, check out the food gifts that they’ll want to throw on the barbecue immediately, such as a pack of premium steaks or wild Alaskan salmon sent right to their door. Finally, we included plenty of Amazon gifts that are great for any budget — and perfect if you need a last-minute idea.

Even if they already have a robust grill station, we’re sure that there’s something in these grilling gifts they can put to good use. And, if you’re lucky, they’ll invite you over for dinner!


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Anyone who's made veggies on the grill and seen the smaller pieces fall tragically through the grates will breathe a sigh of relief with this stainless-steel basket. Everything will stay contained while still getting a lovely char. It's also nonstick and dishwasher safe, so cleanup couldn't be easier.

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This pair of grill gloves will protect your hands from hot flames and also give you the dexterity you need to cook. You can easily use your utensils and then seamlessly pick up a hot grill pan. Plus, they're machine washable so you can keep them in tip-top shape without extra effort.

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If your giftee is on the hunt for an alternative to their propane grill, look no further than this cool Lodge cast-iron charcoal grill. Bring it to a tailgate or campground and cook any grill favorite. It's just under 17 inches wide, making it the perfect size for feeding a group. The cast-iron design makes it an amazing heat conductor so it actually requires less charcoal than other grills.

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Made In

Carbon steel is a great conductor of heat, and this pan, made especially for grilling, is no exception. It can withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and it has 62 perforations. What are the perforations for? They allow the flames to hit the food but still contain all those small items (such as asparagus and shrimp) that otherwise wouldn't stand a chance on a grill grate.

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was $69.95

There are a lot of great grilling thermometers out there, but most of them have one really annoying feature: wires. Help your friend go wireless with this clever meat thermometer. They can insert the probe into whatever is going onto the grill and be able to monitor all the action via an app that works with both Apple and Android phones.

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Hedley & Bennett

There are lots of reasons this apron is so popular. It looks great, it feels great, and (most importantly) it performs well. Celebrity chefs often sport it on prime-time shows, and lots of restaurants have their kitchen and front-of-house staff wear it because it just looks so darn good.

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Williams Sonoma

If you know someone who is using a mishmash of old tools while they're behind the grill, it’s time to upgrade their game. This four-piece set has everything they'll need (plus an extra basting brush head), all with durable handles that allow for a comfortable and secure grip.

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Williams Sonoma
was $205.00

All grill pans are not created equal — trust us! This investment piece is sure to get a lot of use on a cooktop or outside on the grill. Its slim design ensures it fits nicely over one burner, while its high ridges elevate food from drippings and create impressive sear marks. The extra-large handles also make it a lot easier to carry than other grill pans.

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Throw something new at your grill lover. This Thai-style log charcoal is made from orchard-grown rambutan fruit wood, which imparts a mild flavor while cooking. It burns hot and lasts a long time.

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A magnetic base and a flexible gooseneck ensure that this ultra-bright light will illuminate all the right places. It comes in a set of two so your griller friend can keep an eye on those steaks no matter how late it is.

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was $27.99

Nothing attracts flies and other winged foes like a sweet BBQ sauce. Help the rib-baster in your life keep theirs safe with this lidded basting pot and brush.

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No one is going to argue that cleanup is the worst part of the grilling experience. Help your friend get rid of the mess faster and easier with this sturdy, stainless-steel wire brush. It's a favorite among the grillers here at Kitchn.

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If you want to spoil someone a little, this tabletop pizza oven will definitely do the trick. The gas-fueled powerhouse gets to temperature in just 15 minutes (wow!) and cooks a pizza in just 60 seconds (double wow).

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No one actually invites mosquitoes, horseflies, hornets, and the common fly to their backyard bash, but they show up anyway. Help a host keep them at bay with these incense-like sticks that repel unwanted guests when lit. They're ridiculously effective and often sell out, so buy them now while they're still in stock.

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Home Depot

A great foundation is the key to a great fire, and a chimney charcoal starter is the tool that’s going to provide that. This classic design from an iconic brand will help your friend build a hot fire in mere minutes in their grill.

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These unique cable-style skewers allow the grilling friends in your life to skewer twice as much food as conventional stick skewers. That’s a game-changer when they're feeding a hungry crowd.

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Grilling food atop wood planks helps infuse nutty, smoky, and other delightful flavors into fish, meat, and more. This sampler with five different kinds of wood is the perfect way for someone to try out this delicious technique.

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Home Depot

The one ingredient that upgrades any grilled food? Wood! These oak logs add flavor to steak, poultry, seafood, and veggies, and they're cut to fit inside a charcoal grill or smoker. No lumberjack skills required.

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The mantra with cooking tools is always: multitask, multitask, multitask! Whether the person on your list is a seafood lover or not, this multipurpose basket makes it easy to cook fish, shrimp, and veggies right on the grill. A pro-level tool for cooks at all skill levels.

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was $29.99

The number one rule of grilling: Make sure the cook always has a place to put their drink. This wearable beverage holster solves that predicament permanently. Perfectly enjoyable even when you're not grilling, too!

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Every griller needs a good spatula or turner to make sure their burgers don't fall apart when they're flipped. This elegant and durable turner certainly looks handsome with its walnut wood handle, and — thankfully — it also performs incredibly well. Your giftee may find this becoming their next favorite piece of grilling gear.

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Williams Sonoma

Getting those perfectly tender shreds of chicken always takes longer than you expect — unless you have the right tool. These ergonomic claws make quick work of pork, chicken, and beef while keeping your hands clean. They're also the kind of genius kitchen accessory that will make kids eager to help out with the shredding.

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This iconic grill is popular for many reasons. It’s compact, lightweight, retains heat well, and has a large surface area for cooking outdoors — and it’s fairly inexpensive. This would be a great pick for a kid who has recently left the nest, newlyweds just starting out, or even apartment dwellers who want to be able to (legally!) set up a grilling session in a park.

Meat & Other Edible Treats

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Fulton Fish Market

New York City's famous Fulton Fish Market may be one of the oldest fish markets in the country (opened in 1822), but their seafood is always the freshest. This Alaska salmon pack includes four portions of sockeye salmon and four portions of coho salmon, so your giftee has plenty of food to go around and can enjoy the subtle flavor differences between these two types of fish.

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Snake River Farms
was $172.00

With two 10-ounce filet mignons and two 6-ounce top sirloins, this Wagyu beef steak pack gives any griller a true taste of luxury. The best thing about cooking high-quality steak is that you don't have to do much to it to make it taste utterly delicious, so regardless of your giftee's cooking abilities, they're guaranteed to savor every bite of this fine beef.

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Barbecue sauce comes in so many styles that it can be hard to keep track of them all. For those grillers who aren’t wed to their favorite variety, this sampler pack offers up a nice selection of finger-licking-good options for basting ribs, chicken, and more.

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Sure, these rubs work especially well with whatever's on the grill (that's what they're made for, right?), but with flavors like Korean BBQ and Smoky Honey Habanero, they’re also a great way to season a pot roast, broiled fish, and more.

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Uncommon Goods

Having a signature sauce seems like a lot of fun, and this is hands down the easiest way to do it. The kit comes with everything needed to mix up homemade BBQ sauces — including bottles and labels to display a personal name and logo! BBQ novices and experts will both have fun with this tasty gift.

Just for Fun

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Welly Bottle

Standing at a hot grill can be, well, hot. Really hot. So be a pal and help out the person who makes sure your burgers are cooked to perfection. This bottle can help them stay hydrated while they’re on the job (which should help them do a better job of cooking, too).

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This small-but-mighty Bluetooth speaker can play up to 10 hours of music on a single charge and is completely waterproof. Because listening to great tunes (or the latest true-crime podcast) makes grilling (and everything else) so much more fun.