Grilling Commandments, The Five-Second Rule, and Synaesthesia Good Food with Evan Kleiman

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The 4th of July episode of Good Food revisited interviews from previous episodes – not that we minded! These were really some of our favorites clips, plus we got to hear a few that we’d missed. What about you?

The 11 Commandments of Grilling: If you’re new to grilling this summer, definitely check out these tips from Steven Raichlan. Some of them were a surprise!

The Five-Second Rule: Our favorite food science guru Harold McGee sets the record straight on this age-old myth.

Cheese Myths: Lactose intolerant? Andrew Steiner recommends sticking to hard cheeses.

Synaesthesia: Imagine tasting mint every time someone says “hello” or chocolate when introduced to someone new! This is the world of taste synaesthites – and it’s not always as fantastic as you might think.

Did you tune in to Good Food this week? What piqued your curiosity?

• Download and listen to the whole episode from the Good Food website.

(Image: Flickr member wickenden licensed under Creative Commons)