Grilled Summer Fruit: How to Get Better Flavor and Color

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Grilled fruits are one of our favorite summer treats, especially when served alongside a scoop of homemade ice cream. Bananas, peach halves, slices of pineapple – we’ll grill almost any fruit big enough not to fall through the grates! Here’s a tip for getting great caramelized flavor and an even golden crust on all of them.

Try sprinkling the cut surfaces of the fruit with a little sugar before putting it on the grill. The raw sugar coating will caramelize faster than the sugars already present in the fruit, ensuring a perfect golden color and deep caramelized flavor without overcooking the fruit.

We most often use plain granulated sugar because the small crystals cling evenly to most fruits. Brown sugar also works well, as evidenced in this recipe for Saucy & Sweet Grilled Pineapple! If you have some on-hand, you can also brush the fruit with simple syrup, either plain or flavored.

What are your favorite fruits to grill?

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