Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana Sandwich and the Best Malbec Under $20

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every week we bring you our favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats. This week we got a visual guide to coffee beans, felt all springy with a light and fresh asparagus and morel risotto recipe, and discovered the best budget Malbec.

Dinner Tonight: Ted Allen’s Grilled Steak with Roasted Jalapeño Chimichurri – Herbal garlicky flavors paired with juicy steak.

Sandwiched: The Elvis (Grilled Peanut Butter, Bacon, and Banana) – Woh. These ingredients are intense, but the combination results in a salty-sweet, golden, caramelized bite.

Asparagus and Spring Vegetable Risotto – This is the time of year to get asparagus and morel mushrooms, the two key ingredients in this fresh Spring risotto.

Know Your Beans: A Field Guide to Coffee -Expand your visual coffee bean vocabulary, one bean at a time.

Our Search for the Best Malbec Under $20 – If you’re a Malbec drinker, don’t miss this great list!

(Image: María del Mar Sacasa/Serious Eats)