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This Creamy Avocado Relish Is Mandatory on Grilled Chicken

published Jul 1, 2023
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Pistachio avocado relish in a bowl.
Credit: Asha Loupy

I’ll throw almost anything on the grill in the summertime, from pork chops to broccoli to peach cobbler. The one thing I never used to grill? Chicken. That’s because chicken has a tendency to veer towards dry and bland when grilled. However, this recipe for grilled chicken cutlets with pistachio-avocado relish from contributer Asha Loupy has changed all that for me. 

Although the dish involves a bit of prep work, it delivers the best grilled chicken I’ve ever had. I recently served this at my first backyard barbecue of the season and my guests couldn’t get enough — so much so that we were fighting over the last bits of chicken and the accompanying relish. I’ll be making this grilled chicken on repeat all summer, and I’m positive that once you make it, you will be too. 

Why I Love Grilled Chicken Cutlets with Pistachio-Avocado Relish 

There are two things that sold me on this dish from the get-go: the smoky yogurt marinade and the pistachio-avocado relish. 

I love any recipe in which the seasoning really penetrates the meat, and this recipe does just that. Fully coating pounded chicken breasts in a tangy, smoky marinade made from lemon juice, Greek yogurt, and smoked paprika, and then refrigerating it for no less than four hours, seasons the chicken from the inside-out, while simultaneously tenderizing the meat. 

As for the relish, Asha’s ingenious play on Italian salsa verde features ripe avocado, fresh parsley, fresh mint, and roasted, salted pistachios. Plus, it comes together quickly with the help of a food processor. It’s so good that I slather it on roasted vegetables, grilled fish, and even potato chips! I highly recommend that you make a double batch — you’ll thank me later. 

Credit: Asha Loupy

How to Make Grilled Chicken Cutlets with Pistachio-Avocado Relish  

  • Marinate the chicken. Because the chicken needs to marinate for at least four hours, the recipe starts with preparing the marinade. Whisk together lemon juice, plain Greek yogurt, extra-virgin olive oil, smoked paprika, and kosher salt in a large bowl. Then pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts until they’re about 1/2-inch thick. Coat the chicken in the marinade and refrigerate.
  • Prepare the pistachio-avocado relish. Meanwhile, make the relish. Toast coriander and cumin seeds in a small skillet until fragrant then transfer to the bowl of a food processor. To that, you’ll add garlic, chopped serrano peppers, salt, fresh parsley and mint, and roasted, shelled pistachios. Pulse until finely chopped, transfer to a bowl, and whisk in lemon juice, extra-virgin olive oil, and salt to taste. (You’ll add the avocado later once the chicken is cooked). 
  • Grill the chicken and finish the relish. As you’re firing up the grill, pull the chicken from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. Place the chicken directly on the grill and cook uncovered until the internal temperature reaches 155°F, about five minutes per side. Let rest for at least five minutes. Meanwhile, finish the relish by dicing a ripe avocado and folding it into the mix. Cut the chicken into 3/4-inch-thick slices and top with the relish for serving. 

If You’re Making Grilled Chicken Cutlets with Pistachio-Avocado Relish, a Few Tips 

  • Marinate the chicken ahead of time. To cut down on day-of prep, I like to marinate my chicken the day before. The tangy yogurt marinade tenderizes the chicken and keeps it nice and juicy.
  • Bring the chicken to room temp before grilling. Letting your marinated chicken sit outside of the fridge for at least 30 minutes before grilling ensures that it cooks evenly.
  • Double the pistachio-avocado relish. Trust me — you’ll want to eat it on everything.