This Kid Saying “Thank You, Mama” Over and Over Again Will Melt Your Frozen Heart

updated Jun 29, 2020
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Little kid writing a thank you sign
Credit: Hakase_/Getty Images

Grey first came across many people’s screens a few weeks ago, when the adorable toddler, clad in a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt, accepted a plate of fresh-cut peaches with so much glee that his entire body squeezed up, his hands balled into little fists, and a grin smushing dimples into his chubby cheeks as he says, “Thank you, auntie!” The combination of his innocent, freshly combed locks, impeccable manners, and sartorial sensibility captured the heart — and viral video clicks — of the entire internet.


SO HAPPY with his plate of fruit from auntie @linhblue22 😂😂 ##foodfam ##familytime ##momsoftiktok

♬ original sound – greyandmama

In that TikTok video, Grey follows up his profuse thanks with a smile and “I’m happy,” which is likely a good description for how the nearly 32 million people who have watched it felt, too. What casual watchers who saw it float by on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook might not have realized, though, is that this wasn’t a single cute video, but just one of a whole series, from the TikTok account Greyandmama, in which Grey’s mom hands him food and he thanks her. And while the peaches video is among the best, all of them are heartwarming and adorable, as he accepts his charcuterie board, sushi platter, and noodles. This kid eats well — it’s no wonder he’s thankful, we all would be too!

The 2-year-old has built up a legion of fans, including a Twitter user who declared that he is “the only thing holding this nation together right now,” and everyone chimed in with their favorite videos from the account, how he makes up for every snot-nosed little brat that ever disrupted their dinner at a restaurant, and how they have now integrated “thank you, mama” into their daily lives. 

But the biggest news about the world’s most polite toddler? His mom reported on Twitter yesterday that they’ve officially made it: The producer of every kid’s favorite snack, Babybel, is sending them cheese.