Greg & Brian’s Decadent Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Storage is a huge factor in the design of a kitchen, the more the merrier is what we always say. We need a place to put all of our favorite gadgets and tools. Even though Greg and Brian aren’t responsible for the remodel of their kitchen, they did a great job spotting a winner and making the decision to purchase the home because of it.

The bamboo veneer cabinets are slightly different than what we’re used to seeing in Kitchen Spotlights and that’s exactly why we like them. The poured concrete countertops are a great addition to the space and adds a modern touch.

The large cabinets could easily make the space seem too crowded and small, but the open shelving helps to open it up. We really like the bright green paint color on the walls because it adds a breezy and fresh quality to the space!

(Images: Beth Lundell Garver)