Greenmarket Report: Union Square Greenmarket

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Being from Iowa, sweet corn has always been one of my favorites. Its constant presence on the dinner table during childhood summers solidified its place at the top of my list. Which is why when I got to the Union Square Greenmarket, I immediately sought it out, in panic mode, realizing that my summer romance was nearly over. Sweet corn will be at Maxwell’s and most other farm stands for only a few more weeks.

At Maxwell’s Farmstand, Changewater, NJ: summer squash, $2/lb; tomatillos, $3/lb; mini eggplant, $3.50/lb; cherry tomatoes, $2/lb; cucumbers, $0.50/ea; kale, collards, and broccoli rabe, $2/bunch, lima beans, $3/lb; leeks, $0.75 cents/ea; peppers, $2/lb; sweet corn, $0.50 cents/ear.

At Norwich Meadows Farm, Norwich, NY: fingerling potatoes, $4/lb; cipollini onions, $3/lb; okra, $6/lb; eggplant, $2/lb; green peppers, $2/lb; fennel, $2.50/lb; husk cherries, $2.50/lb and $4/pint; honeydew melon, $6/ea.

Click through for a profile of Raina, the Greenmarket customer pictured above.

Foodie At Large

Name: Raina Bien
Age: 32
Lives: Crown Heights
Occupation: Online editor for food website
Buying: New Jersey sweet corn
Other shopping bag items: Heirloom tomatoes, broccoli, husk cherries, pears, and Red Jacket Orchard juice
Favorite cookbook: Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, by Deborah Madison

Raina Bien, a self-described corn lover with an armload of ears, eats corn at least three times a week when it’s in peak season. She has plans for a dinner party tonight so she’s at Maxwell’s last bushel basket, picking through the best ears. Tonight’s dinner will be corn custard with pork chops. Other nights have been cold corn soup, cannellini beans with spinach and corn, and creamed corn, which she makes by pureeing some of the corn and scraping all the good stuff off the cob for a creamy effect.