Greenmarket Report: Union Square

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

No need to throw elbows on Monday mornings at Union Square Greenmarket. At 8 am, before the crowds swarm in, the farmers have plenty of time to talk about celery root or other pressing questions on your mind.

Be sure to stop by this Saturday (Nov. 18th) for City Harvest‘s Buy A Bag. You can support farmers by buying produce from them and then donating it directly to City Harvest, who will be there to collect your donations (I work for City Harvest and will be at this event in the afternoon).

• At Maxwell Farmstand, Changewater, NJ: turnips and kohlrabi, $2/head; winter radishes, $1.50/bunch; baby lettuce mix, $6/lb; loose Swiss chard, $2/lb; loose spinach, $4/lb; parsely, $1.25/bunch; celery root, $1.50/lb.

• At New York Beef, Arlington, NY: kabobs, $9.50/lb; short ribs, $8.50/lb; beef sirloin tip roast, $9.99/lb; Delmonico, $23.99/lb; London broil, $10.99/lb; beef patties, 2 lbs for $3; brisket, $10.99/lb; boneless chuck roast, $6.99/lb.

Union Square Greenmarket is located at 17th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.

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