Greenmarket Report: Tompkins Square

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Any bed head sported at Tompkins Square Greenmarket on Sundays is probably done on purpose. The market is dotted with good looking hipsters, a smattering of parents and a few dashes of old East Village stalwarts.

This week it was bathed in late afternoon sun and crisp fall air. The market is still vibrant with farmers but we’re nearing the time when many pack up for the winter. Be sure to ask your favorites whether they’ll be around after Thanksgiving.

• At Norwich Meadows Farm: potatoes and shallots, $2.50/lb; sweet potatoes and fingerlings, $4/lb; garlic, $8/lb; savoy cabbage, $3/lb; cauliflower and baby carrots, $5/lb; radishes, $2/bunch; lettuce greens, $14/lb.

• At Evolutionary Organics: sweet dumpling, spaghetti, acorn, butternut squash, $1.25/lb; garlic, $5.50/lb; hot peppers, 4 for $1; broccoli, $3/lb; turnip greens, mustard greens, kale and vitamin greens, $2.50/bunch; buck wheat, pac choy, tat soi, hon tsai tai, mizuna, purple mustard, komatsuna, curly cress, $3 for ¼ lb.

Wander over to Evolutionary Organics and explore their world of greens. I have never heard of most of these varieties but you can generally treat them as you would spinach. The folks at Evolutionary Organics recommend preparing them with soy sauce and ginger; sesame oil and rice vinegar would take the Asian theme one step further. Now where’s that bottle of sake?

Evolutionary Organics is at Tompkins Square on Sundays and Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays.

Tompkins Square is located on E. 7th Street and Avenue A in Manhattan and is open year round on Sundays, 8am – 6pm.

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