Greenery in the Kitchen: 10 Kitchens With a Green Thumb

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From house plants to herbs (did you see this discussion yesterday?), greenery in the kitchen at this time of the year can help keep things feeling fresh and lively in the home. Here, from around the web, are ten kitchens with plants that we think are beautiful.

• 1 Just the one topiary on the counter softens up this black and white kitchen, seen in Elle Decor.
• 2 A few herbs on a kitchen windowsill make such a difference. This example is from House Beautiful.
• 3 The plants in the windows here have quite a dramatic effect; this no cottage garden look.
• 4 Bringing in just one little pot of herbs makes a kitchen feel more alive, especially during the wintertime.
• 5 More herbs. Again, it’s nice to keep them around the sink for quick and easy watering.

• 6 Liza from Good to Grow has an entire garden above her sink!
• 7 Another great real-life herb garden from The Home Herbalist.
• 8 Awesome pots!
• 9 Another topiary in a very classy kitchen.
• 10 A string of topiaries.

Do you keep greenery (herbs, ivy, topiaries) in your own kitchen? Any good tips or inspiring suggestions for keeping plants healthy indoors?