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We don’t have a green thumb and honestly we don’t really aspire to have one. Incidentally (or not) we don’t even have a smidgen of a yard – our house is literally surrounded by concrete on all four sides. But we love the idea of supporting and eating locally grown food so if we did have a little plot of land and some discretionary funds, we’d definitely call Greenbean Gardens. We met Gabriel Erde-Cohen, urban gardener and owner of Greenbean Gardens this past weekend at Bike’s Not Bomb’s Greenroots Festival in Jamaica Plain. He’s landed on a brilliant business idea….

Gabriel comes to your space and organically grows fruits and vegetables in your yard, working within your size and budget constraints. Greenbean Gardens takes care of everything for you: design, installation, maintenance, and harvest, ultimately delivering fresh, in-season fruits and veggies in a basket on your doorstep (they’re even washed already for you!). Sure, some of you greenie do-it-yourselfers will roll your eyes at this concept, but for people like us who don’t have the knack or inclination to grow our own produce, this sounds about as dreamy as it gets.

• Contact Gabriel for a free consultation at 617.676.8091 or

— Kyle Freeman for AT Boston

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