Green With Envy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A funky, colorful and lively kitchen can be tricky to pull off in any home &mdash so it’s truly remarkable and deserving of extra attention when home owners successfully execute a larger than life kitchen!

It certainly helps that the rest of the Family Friendly Austin Home is just as lively and colorful as the kitchen! We love so much about it, don’t even know where to begin.

First, we want to point out how great the juxtaposition of the modern stainless steel appliances and accents with the mid-century dining chairs. The dining table seems to be a mix of the two &mdash rustic table top with modern, stainless steel legs. Also, We’ve talked a lot about chalkboard walls and cupboards on The Kitchen and we really love their chalkboard cabinet. Great storage for pantry items, toys or pots and pans &mdash plus it serves a great purpose as a to-do list and recipe wall.

It’s not very often you see a kitchen with green counter tops. The green accents the stainless steel appliances, and red accent wall perfectly and adds a pop of color in an area that is typically more traditional.

The best part about it? The kitchen looks lived in, it looks as though it wasn’t just in a photo shoot for a magazine &mdash yet it still looks great and functional.

What do you think of the Family Friendly Austin Kitchen?

(Images: Misty Adair)