Green Wine Exists and It’s Made Out of Weed

(Image credit: @higherlearningagency)

A few months ago Spanish startup Gïk received quite a bit of attention for its naturally colored blue wine. It’s no surprise, then, that other colorful wines would also receive equal affection from the media. For example, a trendy new green wine, Canna Vine, has garnered quite a bit of attention since it was written up in the Los Angeles Times. This green wine, however, is more than just its color — it’s essentially the love child of wine and weed.

Don’t expect to find it at your local Trader Joe’s wine shop anytime soon. California is the only state where this green wine is commercially available with a medical marijuana card. Canna Vine certainly isn’t the first one to create weed wine. As the Los Angeles Times reports, “Pot wine, also known as green wine … has probably been around almost as long as there has been pot and wine.” Melissa Etheridge, for example, has her own label called Know Label.

Due to the fermentation process these wines undergo, the wines are less potent than you might expect. “The result is a mellow, physical ‘body high’ rather than a more disorienting mental high,” the Los Angeles Times explains. As you might expect, weed wine doesn’t come cheap. A half-bottle of the green liquid might cost you anywhere between $120 to $400.