Green NYC: Are You Ready to Pay 6 Cents for a Plastic Bag?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If Mayor Bloomberg has his way, stores will have to start charging 6 cents for every plastic bag they hand out to shoppers. What do you think? At first it might seem like a no-brainer good idea, but consider the times you forget your bag…

Sure, a few extra cents on our grocery bill won’t be a big deal for us—and it’ll be a good deterrent for forgetting our bags the next time. But opponents of the proposal say a fee will be hardest on people in low-income neighborhoods.

What do you think? We don’t consider 6 cents excessive, and maybe it would start changing the thinking of people who’d never before carried reusable bags. Also, every Duane Reade and Gristedes on the block now sells cloth bags for about $1.

The fee would raise money for the city (and hello, if the possibility of a $3 subway fare is any indication, we need it), but the article also points out that the money would dry up. In other words, once people start carrying their own bags, revenue from fees stops rolling in. But that’s win-win, right? NYC gets a little bit of cash, and more people stop using plastic.

We’re curious what you think. Is this a unfair fee? Or maybe it’s not enough of a charge?

(Image: Flickr member evelynishere, licensed for use under Creative Commons)