18 Gorgeous Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Guaranteed to Spark Envy

published Apr 27, 2024
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Credit: Lana Kenney

Alongside the usual neutrals and wood tones, green is one of those colors that seems to have universal appeal for kitchens, especially right now. This, Studio Wellington principal designers Stephanie Abernathy and Ashley Malone say, is because of the color’s subconscious connection to nature. “Using rich, natural tones creates an indirect relationship to the outside environment and provokes a positive psychological response,” they explain. In the chaos of life, the color green offers a relaxing way to begin and end your day — and couldn’t everyone use some more relaxation? 

Updating the kitchen can quickly become costly, so you may be tempted to stick to a classic white kitchen, but Abernathy and Malone insist that “although green can be trendy, pairing the color with historic or traditional elements gives it longevity beyond the fads.” But how do you even begin picking a shade? “It’s important to understand what feeling you’re trying to create, and then testing it out in the space, before finalizing the color,” they advise. “Going dark green can create a dramatic scene, while going light green may evoke a tropical feel, but all shades will look different depending on the natural light.” If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen cabinet color, the following 18 green kitchen cabinet ideas are guaranteed to inspire you:

18 Gorgeous Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Envy

1. Pretty in Pink

These emerald green kitchen cabinets make a statement on their own, and even more so when paired with the pink backsplash. Adding to the contrast is the collection of textures: smooth, matte wood with organic Zellige tiles. 

2. Lighten Up

White Zellige tiles, brass hardware, and white oak accents are grounded by the deep, dark green cabinets in this kitchen. They also add a cozy element to what could have been a version of the classic white kitchen.

3. Two Is Better Than One

Two-toned cabinets can lean timeless or trending, depending on the combination. In this case, the optimistic apple green on the bottom isn’t typical for a kitchen, but actually complements the upper cabinets’ natural wood well.

4. Make a Match

While the homeowner could have chosen a soapstone or marble countertop to round out their kitchen, they decided to go for a tonal green stone that complements the cabinetry. This color story is continued even further with the trim and doors.

Credit: Anika Gandhi

5. In Print

Turn your kitchen backsplash into a focal point by embracing a playful pattern. This white, marble, and gold chevron tile is exactly that.

6. Down to Earth

Green is one of the colors most commonly found in nature, and this specific shade is reminiscent of moss. It’s rich, calming, and just unexpected enough to feel unique versus other green kitchen cabinets.

Credit: Nedra Davis

7. Check It Out

It’s hard to decide where to look first in this kitchen — the bold green kitchen cabinets or the equally striking painted checkerboard floors? Their contrast is what makes them the perfect match: light versus dark, and solid versus patterned.

8. Put It in Neutral

You can embrace color even if you’re intimidated by it, and this kitchen is proof. Instead of something bold and bright, the owner opted for a light shade of green with gray undertones that can read as neutral depending on the light. 

9. A Fine Art

One perk of opting for a mural in your kitchen? You can perfectly color match it to your cabinets. (But if you’re less artistically inclined, you can always color match your cabinets to wallpaper instead.)

10. Set the Mood

Dark green kitchen cabinets, stained checkerboard wood, simple black counters — all of these details and more lend themselves to the rich, dramatic aesthetic in this kitchen. Brass cabinet pulls are the finishing touch, adding a bright metallic moment.

11. Mint Condition

In this kitchen, the owners decided to go all-in on the retro mint shade, including kitchen accessories. The bright hue brings light and joy into the space, while the black and white checkered floors offset the vibrancy.  

Credit: Mike Groner

12. Back to Black

Over the years, black has joined the ranks of classic hardware materials like nickel and brass — even being dubbed the “little black dress of kitchen hardware.” The matte option in this kitchen provides high contrast against certain elements while tying others together.

13. A Perfect Match

There are some things that you can expect to match — hardware and fixtures, for example. Cabinets and the fridge? Not so much. Here, the duo creates visual continuity in a small space.

Credit: Tarah Baker

14. Bring the Outdoors In

When combined with the subdued sage hue on the kitchen cabinets, butcher block feels like a soothing nod to nature. And the fact that it’s one of the most budget-friendly countertop options? Icing on the cake in this kitchen.

15. A New (Old) Era

With the help of some sleek green kitchen cabinets, this mid-century kitchen got a modern update while still remaining true to its roots. The boomerang-shaped drawer pulls and on-theme seating add to the aesthetic.

Credit: Kristine Ham

16. White Magic

Upper cabinets are typically removed to make a kitchen appear more spacious, but that’s not your only option. By painting these uppers the same white as the paneling, they blend in with the background, creating the same effect without sacrificing storage. And, of course, this strategy also helps the pistachio green lower cabinets pop.

17. Make It Bold

Often, people feel like they can only have one standout moment in a room, but that’s not true. Just look at this kitchen: The graphic black-and-white counters command just as much attention as the deep-green cabinets.

18. Good as Gold

Brass hardware is trending for its warmth and character, but here, gold was the way to go. It comes off as more modern and feminine while still warming up the kitchen (especially with the sage green cabinets).