Blind Taste Testing Greek-Style Yogurt Brands: Which One Wins?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In 1998 Fage Total had the market on thick, tangy, high-protein Greek-style yogurt, but now shelves are stocked with Greek yogurt brands and, if you’re in New York, many of them from small, independent dairy farms. How do these new brands compare to the big players? To find out, New York Magazine convened a panel of experts for a blind taste test:

The panel included Turkish chef Orhan Yegen of Sip Sak and Bi Lokma, who, according to the magazine, “considers ‘Greek yogurt’ more a marketing gimmick than a bona fide foodstuff”; Maria Loi, a.k.a. “the Martha Stewart of Greece’; and chef Eric Ripert, who eats nonfat Fage every morning.

The Results

The Non-Fat Winner: Fage Total 0%. This was the judge’s overall favorite!
The Non-Fat Loser: Chobani 0%. The unpleasant aroma really turned off the judges.
The Full-Fat Winner: Argyle Cheese Farmer. Generally delicious.

Do you eat Greek-style yogurt? Are you devoted to a particular brand? Or do you make your own?