Great Web Resource: The Fruit Maven

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Fruit Maven has a simple goal. Write about the fruit she eats, and document the fruit she likes. Easy, and yet also extremely helpful to the rest of us!

The Fruit Maven lives in San Diego, and her weblog is a very nicely organized and laid-out document of the fruit she tries. She explains a little about each fruit (so far they include some unusual apple varieties like the Hidden Rose Apple, and other interesting fruit like Asian pears and baby pineapples). She rates each fruit on aroma, taste, texture, and appearance, and then gives a spot for you to rate the fruit as well.

It’s a great idea for a blog: simple and focused on fruit. And it’s very well-executed. This is a new favorite read for us, and we wanted to share it. Check it out!

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(Images: The Fruit Maven)